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The members of Hustle Group Entertainment each bring their own flavor and experiences to the table. Together these guys make up a team that is sure to make an impact on the Chicago hip-hop/rap scene.

The founder of Hustle Group Entertainment, 23-year-old Andrew “Dre-Dub” Davis II, has been awing hip-hop lovers in Chicago and Hartford with his lyrical prowess and ability to move the crowd. Dre-Dub is an emcee and recent Northwestern University grad who has been exposed to hip-hop since he was a kid. He is able to go above and beyond the music with the entertainment company as a whole which promotes, distributes, offers recording services, and has a special advantage in the business world when Dre-Dub’s side gig as a consultant is considered. A strong vision, evident talent, and undeniable hustle, Dre-Dub serves you a platter of raw passion on wax.
Rotimi Akinosho, better known as Ro, is prone to rock the crowd and make the ladies swoon. Rotimi has been spreading his love for music since a young age- at 15 he took first place in Amateur Night and second place in Showcase at the Apollo in Harlem, NY. He has even showcased his skill for the rapper and CEO Jay-Z who was impressed with Ro’s showmanship and amazing vocal ability. At the ripe age of 19 he can appeal to the younger teen audience while his maturity, range, and lyrical talent help him woo the older generations. Originally from Maplewood, NJ, this young model, actor, and vocalist now resides in the Chicago area where he is a student at Northwestern University, which is where he met Dre-Dub.

Jordan “J.LoonZ” Looney rounds out The Hustle Group with his rap and writing skills. Equipped with metaphors, similes, and anecdotes complex enough to be considered underground but a delivery smooth and catchy enough to be mainstream, he is ready to take the world of rap by storm. Forget the formulas dictated by radio, J.LoonZ is a breed of emcee you haven’t seen before. His focus is creating quality music that reaches a broad audience without loosing hold of reality. Thus he can create club bangers and not forget to educate listeners about what’s going on around the globe. J.LoonZ became a member of Hustle Group Entertainment in 2006 and has recorded tracks with numerous people in the Chicago area as well as back home in St. Paul, but the most dynamic combination is his work with fellow HG Entertainment artist Rotimi. While not officially a group they have chemistry like a duo that has been performing together for years.

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