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The Flight Station


MTV? Campus Invasions? Tours? Radio play? All these and more have been accomplished as a completely independent artist in shorter than two years as a band. No manager, no booking agent, and no label. They do it all on their own. This emerging musical powerhouse is none other than The Flight Station. Hailing from Cincinnati, OH these guys started out by taking on the task of breaking the mostly metal scene into an enthused indie rock playground. With over 2,000 copies of their debut EP, the Falling Star EP, it’s become evident that they are making a huge dent in the local music scene. On a national level they are now making more noise as well with not only touring, but with a Campus Invasion and airplay on MTV’s “The Real World.”

With The Flight Station’s Campus Invasion they are working with a management/promotional group out of Chicago called Platform 1 (whom has with Alice and Chains, Paramore, The Ataris, Dave Matthews Band, and several other huge name artists). The invasion consists of the passing out of over 20,000 copies of their music at over 100 major colleges in the U.S. targeting sororities, fraternities, sports clubs, local venues, college radio stations, and any other local group of young adults. The Campus Invasion will last throughout the winter months and into the Spring of 2008. And they are currently in consideration for the use of their music in several MTV shows like “The Real World” after licensing their music with not only MTV, but with their production company as well, Bunim-Murray Productions. They have already had their music used for a short-lived MTV show called “Tequita and Kaui” and are now amped for more exposure on the nation’s leading music network.

2008 will be an exciting year for The Flight Station as they are gearing up for the release of their next project in the early summer. They hit the studio in April and the buzz is beginning to grow daily with a thirst for their next release. They expect to be out the road in support of the album this summer so make sure you’re on the lookout for this fearless foursome!

Check’em out on myspace or on their homepage


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