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The Hills get Rolling Stone cover…

Posted by ducks4days on May 3, 2008

As I try to gather myself, I find that I’m at a lose of words on how disgusted I am as I try not to puke all over this month’s cover of Rolling Stone. The magazine that’s become such a house hold name over the years has shit all over its reputable name and kicked its values into the gutter by putting the devil’s daughters themselves on the cover of this month’s issue. Yes its true, the hills, have some how made their way on the cover of what use to be the most respectable publication in the music business.

Rolling Stone has fallen into the death trap that has become the MTV syndrome. When MTV first came about it was a visually stimulating concept. They were going to play videos that depicted an artist’s musical vision. It was Brilliant! But somewhere around the turn of the millennium, MTV took a turn for the worse. They’ve transformed into this saturated version of explicit entertainment that considers music an afterthought to marketing by any means necessary.

I’m going to miss the days when Rolling Stone consistently provided wonderful exposure of the future of the music world. I guess now the legendary publication’s consistent respectable exposure is becoming a lot more like Vegas – it’s always a gamble.

At this point I’d really enjoy if America took a good long look at the world that the hills has become so metaphoric. I could honestly care less how attractive they might look on the outside. The majority of these people are so ugly on the inside that the devil himself would be intim


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National Product competes for MTVU’s The Freshmen

Posted by ducks4days on February 17, 2008


Named as one of the top 100 bands to watch in 2008 by Alternative Press, National Product is looking to make 2008 their year. As they storm through the music scene, determined to find success, National Product is looking to win the MTVU – Freshmen music video challenge. The winner will get air time on the show, so hopefully everyone voted. The voting ended last Friday, but I know National Product was in first place for much of the competition. Hopefully we’ll be rockin’ out to “By All Means” On MTVU’s The Freshmen here shortly. Click the video or check out their myspace page for tour updates, photos and bio’s on band members.



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The Flight Station rocks MTV’s Real World next season

Posted by ducks4days on February 10, 2008


New Platform-One artists “The Flight Station” have just recently signed a licensing agreement with MTV’s production company Bunim-Murray. The details of the agreement haven’t been finalized, but the band has confirmed their hit single “California” will be played on the hit show “The Real World” next season. Chances are that the song will get used on other shows as well, however at this time nothing has been confirmed.

The band is currently touring, rounding up a few shows in Covington, Kentucky, then heading to Texas to start recording the new EP in mid April. I’d like to take the chance to say congratulations Corey, Alex, Squirrel and Carey on the licensing agreement. Good luck with the new EP.

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