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Pensive is a band that has a storybook beginning to it. In 2000 Patrick and Julio met while attending the same high school. After school, Julio would hang out at Patrick’s house, strumming on guitars and beating on some drums. After witnessing the school’s annual battle of the bands contest, they got to thinking they were just as good as the people who won. From that point on, Pensive was born. They through together a band and won the following year. The rest is history.

San Diego powerpop quartet Pensive is well known for their melodic sing-along songs rooted in the California pop-punk scene that spawned Green Day, The Offspring, and San Diego superstars blink-182. Having previously released two EPs, which they describe with tongue-in-cheek charm as “diet punk,” Pensive expects to raise a few eyebrows with their new album Artifacts. Although continuing to embrace the naturally infectious tunes that make for a lively, energetic stage performance that is the hallmark of these California boys, Pensive promises that Artifacts will bring to the fore songs with new musical influences that might be unexpected for fans who know the band well. (checkout the website)


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