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Mimi Boncato and Chris Hughes had been writing and producing music for artists, TV, and film productions for about four years. Then, in July of 2006, they decided to form the duo “Mimi & Teft.” They released a debut album in December 2006 that has had dj plays and fans around the world.

Since then, they have released several singles and now a new album of pop-dance tracks that are hitting TV, radio and worldwide podcasts. They had a video come out in February, created by award winning directors on the new Red One super camera.

Mimi, native Californian, brings an unusual blend of writing and vocal talents from her Filipino heritage, classical training and power pop influences. Chris, also a native Californian, trained in vocals and accoustic instruments, has found his artform in synthesizers, composing and audio engineering. Another sidelight he enjoys is photography, and the photos of Mimi & Teft are usually his creations.

  • “Look Into The Mirror” hit #1 on Purevolume in January
  • Featured at Midem Conference (resulted in world wide requests for music)
  • Overwhelming response from the WMC in Miami
  • Music licensed by multiple networks including MTV
  • Music featured on CSI: New York and the CBS Early Show
  • Won the Toronto Exclusive Magazine Awards for Best International Dance Song (Fairy Tale) and Best International Dance Group
  • Video for Shake Your Fantasy has been featured on SingingFool, Windows Media, Billboard.com, AllMusic and Friendster

Check them out


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