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The Iambic Dream Project proves that the San Francisco Music Scene is alive and well. The Iambic Dream Project is the poetic brainchild of award winning songwriters, producers, and vocalists Wael K. & Raz Kennedy. Their first album “Identity Crisis: Aliens, Beduins, and Leos” has been described as “a wonderfully eclectic CD that blends cutting edge lyrics & storytelling with an impressive variety of musical genres. The album is fascinating in the way it fuses Rock, Funk, Jazz, World Music, and Pop”.

The I.D. Project features more than 50 Singers, Musicians, and Engineers who have worked with Santana, Tracy Chapman, Van Morrison, Aretha Franklin, Bobby McFerrin, Celine Dion, The Weather Girls, Whitney Houston, Tori Amos, Ritchie Havens, Counting Crows, Tuck & Patti, Mariah Carey, Fleetwood Mac, Roy Rogers, Voicestra, and many others.

The songs on “Identity Crisis: Aliens, Beduins, and Leos” tap into social & emotional issues, personal relationships, loss, and the importance of dreams & creativity. Ten of the thirteen tracks on this debut are being played on the radio.

· Gold Disc Award for International Best Production

· Winner of Best Production (UK) Award and Best Songwriter (UK) Award from Music Aid International Music Awards 2007

· Album reviews on The Buzz and broadjam.com


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