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About P1


P1 is the premiere full service marketing and management company in the entertainment world that brings years of success working with artists, labels, brands, publishing companies, entertainment lawyers, properties, major to small market PDs, MDs, Marketing/Promotion/Sales departments at radio stations, jocks, consultants, video networks, record companies, management companies, promoters, agencies and media (TV, film, print). We work with each in the development and execution of marketing strategies geared at maximizing exposure for our clients. We create, coordinate and activate unprecedented contests, promotions, ad buys, on-air appearances and event promotions to maximize our clients marketing and ad budgets.

Platform-One‘s mission is to help its clients unlock the power and value of music as a commercial catalyst without undermining its integrity as an art form. Maintaining this balance goes to the heart of what Platform-One is about. It is how we choose our clients. It is how we develop and execute our marketing and promotion campaigns/strategies. It is a belief that our clients represent us as much as we represent them.

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